I Miss You (Korean Drama) Ep.15-LIVE Recap

*Here's recap card in Vietnamese;)http://www.vingle.net/posts/92590 While Harry goes home with JW, he gets a call from sister. "Our aunt came home. She looks a little be mad..but she's queit similiar with u.", she says. Harry listens the dialogue and doubt if the women is his mom. He orders his friend to check if she's his mom. His friend says "The atmosphere is not good in TJ's home. I can't go in his home." Harry says "Go and check it right now. If she's my mom, I'd do samething to JW." At the moment, JW's sister sends aunt's pic and he's about to show it to SY. Harry stops it, hitting JW's hands. SY sees JW gets hurt. "JW, stop playing with her, pretending u're her first lover. Go out.", Harry says. "If u pretend u're drunken, stop now. I even didn't start first love because of her. Go far from her. I can go closer.", JW warns. At the moment SY comes out, Harry drops off his stick to get attention from her. Seeing them, she says "I don't wanna be either SY nor Joi now." After she goes out, JW says "I felt sorry for u at first time, cuz I take off her from u..but now I don't feel so anymore." JW finds SY, "Where were you? Let's go home." But she says "I said I don't wanna be either SY nor Joi." JW says "Why u behave like this? U still can't forgive me and wanna give me more pain? Why u try to stay next Harry? I can't see u be with him." Then SY cries, "JW, what do u know? I wanted to die when u didn't stay with me..What do u want me to do?" Hugging her, he says "I'm sorry..I was so bad, so don't cry...I was bad..plz don't cry.." SY wants to sleep at boutique, her working place. Even if JW continually encourages her to go back home, she insists she won't go home. She sees msg from Harry. He says 'If u leave me, u will be in danger. Come back Joi.' At that night, JW calls to SY's mom. "I told u comeback to ur home..! Do not sleep in police office. It's cold there..!" JW says "I will go back to ur home with SY." JW goes to SY's offices and checks if she's sleeping well. He says sorry, putting hairpin on her hair. "SY, I won't runaway alone again even if I die.", he says. Next morning, JW's sister comes in SY's office and sees JW is sleeping. She says "Why u r sleeping here? And why u call a name SY? Who's her?" JW gets embarrassed and makes excuse." JW goes home with her. There he sees Harry's mom. (But he doesn't know it. He just knows she's his aunt.) "Hi, I heard u r my aunt.", he says. She goes in her room, then JW hears scream. There's a invader there. He steals a stuff from Harry's mom. SY is working, then EJ visits her. "You r not SY, right? It's good to know u r not. My dad died, looking for her. If SY lives well somewhere, it would be really jealous. It's ok cuz now I heard u r not.", EJ says. JW goes in his dad's room. "See. I found our family pic in dead SC's body. Tell me the secret u didn't reveal. If u tell me, I can solve the problem. U saw the guy..He even can kill u. U have to tell me what r u doing now. The more u hide, the more u will be in danger. U can't pretend u know nth. I will reveal all the truth someday..!" SY calls JW, "I wanna know how SH died. If I comes to know it, then I can go back home." "Really? Wait a little bit.", JW says. Then he goes to scene of incident, getting a call that says secretary Nam died. He finds the place is that SD lied he killed SY here. JW doubts the one who killed SD and SC is same person, cuz SD, SC and secretary Nam was killed with water. JW finds a usb card in his body. Policers check it. It is record of TJ's secret fund. There's also police head in the record. JW says "I think I know what the criminal want. Their target is my father, president TJ." Suddenly police head comes in, "Team 4 will handle this incident." JW says "Do not disturb me to hide ur fault. U also saw ur name on record of secret fund. I can't take your these behaviors no more. I will quit." In the meanwhlie, a usb is delivered to SY. At the moment she checks it, she hears a sound and goes out. While she's on 1 floor, a guy comes in and steals SY's phone. At that night, JW is packing his stuffs then gets a phone. He hears his father's recorded voice. In the meanwhile, SY checks the usb. There's SC's voice record. He says 'I didn't kill SY. I just did as TJ ordered me..Plz do not kill me..'. SY feels confused. At that night, the guy who killed SC and secretary Nam comes to Harry. Harry says "Harry, if SY doesn't comeback, bring her to me even killing her. If I can't have, no one can have." *Harry calls the murderer as Harry. SY comes back to Harry, "Hyeong Jun, u really don't know who made ur legs like this?" Harry cries, hugging her. "Hyeong Jun, you really don't know?", she asks. "I don't know. I know nth. I'm scared..", he cries. Harry was hugging SY, and at the moment JW comes in. Harry suddenly says "Joi, I knew you would comeback."

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