Adidas' Ocean Trash Shoes

While I'm not usually a big fan of Adidas shoes (not really an expensive sneaker guy) I thought this was pretty cool.

Adidas is working on a new line of shoes that will be made totally out of recycled material,

For the prototype, they made the shoe out of a huge fishing net that was recycled by the Sea Shepard (you may have heard of this ship via Whale Wars or whatever that show is called on Discovery) & the nonprofit Parley for Oceans which is trying to clean up the oceans. I think it's great to see companies like Adidas trying to find ways to use these materials.

It seems like they'll be using trash picked up from beaches for the first wave of making the shoes, but hope to use these recycled materials more and more.

Hey every other company: try something like this! There are huge gyres out there and we should be doing more to find ways to use that material.

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