Topless Travel Pics Better Be Here To Stay

Of all the social media trends, topless travel pics is the greatest trend to date (besides the hashtag obviously). More and more pictures of half naked girls (and guys) are everywhere and I fucking love it! Nothing quite captures the fun, reckless, carefree attitude of travel quite like some nudity.

The Topless Travel Pics started last year when friends Lydia Buckler, Olivia Edington, and Ingvild Marstein Olsen decided to take a topless picture, capturing their bare backs against the beautiful backdrop of Norway. The hashtag #TheToplessTour has taken off and has gain support across the world.

Now women (and guys) make it a point to take topless pictures as a way to confront the world and bare it all. If this trend starts dying out I will single handedly take it upon myself to keep it going. One nudie at a time.

I've gotta say, these pics are a very big step up from the typical, "pretending like you are taking a sip of local beer" pictures that are just so over done. Like cool, but I can do that with a bud light on my porch. What I can't do is take my top off for a picture because no one really cares about seeing the ugly ass apartments that are across from me. Also I would get arrested.

So to all my travelers, now is the time to take it off and feel alive at any altitude.

Here are a few pics from the #thetoplesstour to get you in that carefree mood! Check out more on Instagram by following the hashtag!

I honestly can not think of a better place to bare it all then a beautiful ocean!

Topless Tour is always more fun with friends! Solidarity and jokes are bound to happen when twirling your bras above your head.

I love the ones that are in the snow! They are so bad ass because while everyone is bundled up you are just living free amongst the snow and mountains. Hell yeah!

Just because you are aren't in the wilderness (San Fran) doesn't mean you can't show what you've got!

Topless tour has a lot of cool yoga poses along with the beautiful views! These topless handstands are epic.

Some women take it a step further then just a picture topless! I can't imagine a more exhilarating feeling.

And sometimes being topless just isn't enough. Bare it all travelers, and enjoy the freedom!

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