Five Types Of Guys You Should Date

It's rare to find a great guy who has it all together.

Four Types Of Women You Should Date

It's gotten to the point where some women have the mindset that all men are alike -- which is far from the case. Don't judge all men because of one bad apple. If you're tired of dealing with the losers and want a winner on your team -- keep these 'Five Types Of Guys You Should Date' in mind when making your next move.


The Chivalrous Guy: You've heard about him in practically every love story -- or most.

He's the guy who puts your safety before his own. He treats you like the queen you are. Holding the door, pulling out your chair and covering the bill are just a few of the things he does daily -- it's become routine. He speaks to you with the utmost respect and you can tell that he was raised correctly. He's the ultimate gentleman and you gotta hand it to him, he's pretty close to perfect.


The Intelligent Guy: Nobody likes a guy with looks, but no brain.

You need yourself a man with substance and a head full of knowledge. He doesn't need to know the entire encyclopedia from front to back, but he should at least know who Barack Obama is. The two of you should be able to hold intellectual conversations every now and then without him being dumbfounded. He doesn't have to have ten degrees, but he should be intelligent to a certain degree. It's okay to pick up a book just as much as you pick up that video game controller.


The Goal Getter: This guy has goals and he won't allow anyone to get in the way of them.

A man without goals is like a horse without hay -- okay, maybe that wasn't the best comparison, but your get my drift. Any man with goals should definitely be in your life. More than likely, his drive and ambition will allow you to take some time out to also focus on your goals. Keep this man around and never let go.


The Funny Guy: He's the perfect mix of corny and hilarious.

Who doesn't love a guy with a great sense of humor? He's no Chris Rock or Jerry Seinfeld, but he comes pretty close. Whenever you're down or just need a pick me up, his sense of humor does the trick. He knows exactly what to say to make you crack a smile and it doesn't take much. Just like the sun, one joke from this guy can brighten up your day in a matter of minutes.


The Romantic Guy: Love is in the air every time you two are around each other.

Whether he is bringing you random gifts or planting random kisses on your lips, this guy is all about romance. He likes to keep it old school and spoil his lady -- not just with material possessions, but with love. If you want a little spice in your life and a stud to show you how it really feels to be loved, you might want to consider dating this guy.


Ladies, have you ever dated any of these five guys?

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