5 Books That'll Make Your Subway Ride Speed By

Yes, commutes can get long and boring, but with these books the time will fly by. Save your phone battery and go old school.

1. Brighton Rock / Graham Greene

This is the book I'm carrying around these days, and it has one of the greatest opening lines in all of literature, in my opinion:

"Hale knew, before he had been in Brighton three hours, that they meant to murder him."

It's classic literature, but isn't afraid to get gritty or intense. If you're a fan of murder mysteries then definitely pick this one up. It's also masterfully written.

It's been turned into a movie like 4 times or something like that, so it's a pretty exciting story.

2. From Albion to Shangri-La / Peter Doherty

This collection of journals and poetry from musician Pete Doherty will literally make time fly by. There's not a lot of text on the pages, but the stuff you do see ranges from absolutely manic to borderline genius.

This book will make you question things and even reflect on your own thoughts in a different way. Doherty's voice is candid, poetic, but not overwhelming.

It really feels like you're meandering through someone's mind, and that makes the time go by quicker than ever. I once did 20 stops without even looking up, and made it to my destination without missing a thing.

3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas / Hunter S. Thompson

This book is literally a whirlwind. It goes by quicker than anything I've ever read (aside from the Doherty book). Thompson's writing is built for speed, so if you need to kill time you can definitely do it with this. Go on this wacky adventure and before you know it you'll be at your destination.

Plus, road trip literature always makes traveling more fun.

4. Collected Works (General)

So, if you encounter a collected works of Shakespeare, Poe or anyone classic you'll definitely have enough to read. Collected works also enable you to skip around a bit and read something new every day. If you're not feeling the sonnets, switch to Hamlet ya know?

It also gives you a little knowledge in addition to your morning commute.

5. Poetry (general)

Poetry makes time fly, you can get through a lot of it in a short amount of time and that makes the minutes go faster. You can pick up Frost, Yeats or any great poet's collected works for under 10 dollars from most major book stores.

Poetry also creates a different kind of vibe when you read it, so if you're not a morning person pick up E.E. Cummings or the like, and get enlightened before you hit your desk.

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