Lifesize Jenga - DIY



(6) 8-foot long 2x4s

Circular Saw

Sand Paper


12×12 (or larger) Cement Patio Brick

Large Plastic Storage Bin

*Paint and Sealant (optional if you want it cute and fun looking)

Step 1

Cut each 2×4 into nine 10.5 inch* pieces. This will yield 54 total blocks to be stacked in 18 rows of 3.

(If you make mistakes like I do, then you may want to buy one extra board...just in case.)

Step 2

Sand all the rough parts of the cut pieces. Don't go nuts, just make them splinter-free!

*This is the part where you'd add paint and sealant if you wanted these to be cute looking.

Step 3

Use a level to find a FLAT part of the yard to play this. This is what the 12 x 12 cement patio paver is for: to make a flat and level place to play.

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