Thisbe, A Song For You

here's a happy song for you

written on

the back of



won't you sing with me, too?

The chorus is simple; you go high

I'll stay low,



start with this beat, breath out with a sigh


do you feel it, now? do you feel that big happy?

Come on, stand up,

get wild

get crappy!

Feel the beat and move around, shake the columns!

Tear us down!

Let the music


and fill the room

like water from our earthy mother's womb

close the doors, bar the gates!

if you're not


then you're too late!

Rising crescendos coming fast!

A long synth solo will come to pass.

Belt the words, scream the chords

feel the


in your roar!

Here's the music, here's the feel

Here's what we all came to steal!

The good vibes, the happy tunes!

make us feel like a bunch of loons

slowing pace,

now a

dancing song

grab a partner and dance along

hold 'em close, hold 'em tight

know what you're feeling is all-right

lyric of the dayDeer Tick's "Dirty Dishes"

"And I cried all night

You created a stream and it flows forever

It's made of dreams that didn't come true

And I'm sorry, there's nothing more

That I can do"

Vin. New York born and bred. Big fan of stories in every form- oral, written, televised or otherwise. I like to hear great stories as well as tell good ones.
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