Ummmm! Food!!

I love all kinds of food an trying new thing is something I look forward to on a monthly basis. this is a collage of some of my favorites. 1- Crawfish etouffee over a baked potato with a fried roll. 2- mahi mahi with a pineapple ginger fried rice 3-chicken, beef, an shrimp with onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes over tortilla chips. 4-Eel roll 5-spring rolls an wonton soup 6-bun cha gio with short ribs. 7-pho 8-Tom yum aka hot an sour soup 9-fish cakes 10-papaya salad aka som tum. As you can see my favorite is Asian food.

I enjoy K pop, C pop, T pop an some J pop😀. I watch all kinds of dramas from around the world, prefer Asian over any other. Beyond that I work😩 ,read😶, an enjoy eating new things😋. I am by no means a cheap person to feed 😈. besides my interests, I'm not telling anyone my age. I am happily married an have 2 kids currently living in The good old U.S.A󾓦
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