Four Unconventional Date Ideas Worth Giving A Try

When it comes to the world of dating we are so used to the usual dinner and movie or walk in the park.

Of course, those are ideal and the norm, but sometimes it's nice to switch things up and try something new. It can get overwhelming sometimes trying to plan the perfect date, but planning a date should be a walk in the park -- no pun intended. If you want to try something new and quirky on your next date night or just want to spice up your life minus the Spice Girls -- let's talk unconventional date ideas that won't break your pocket or your heart.

Date Idea #1: Drive In Movie Theater

Going to the movies is fun and all, but sometimes being surrounded by all those people can be a little unromantic. If you're a movie lover, but you would prefer having the luxury of it just being you and your date outside of the house -- drive in movies are definitely your go to. There aren't too many locations anymore, but I assure you that you can more than likely find at least one in or near your town. If you can't , why not make it all the more exciting and turn it into mini road trip.

Date Idea #2: Record Store Scoping

Whether either one of you own a record player or not, scoping out old records at a record store gives you time to learn one another's taste. This date might even empower you to go out and purchase a record player. Make it exciting by finding records with titles that express your feelings for one another.

Date Idea #3: Picnic In The Park

Instead of making reservations for that 5-star restaurant you've been eyeing on Yelp followed by a romantic walk in the park, why not just have a romantic picnic in the park. I mean how much more conventional can it get? Bring a blanket, picnic basket full of all your favorites and maybe a blue tooth speaker to play some tunes. Talk about a good time.

Date Idea #4: Backyard Camping Trip

Lions, tigers and bears -- oh my! You won't have to worry about any of that in the comfort of your own back yard. Pitch a tent, start a bonfire, roast some marshmallows and enjoy each others company. It's camping minus the travel in the comfort of your own home. Nothing like the company of one another including the outdoors and mosquitoes.

Let the butterflies, I mean fun -- begin.

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