How To Be *That Wedding Guest

As a wedding guest, if you want to look like everyone else, and blend in, then slumming it will be just fine. And if that's the case, don't you dare sit at my table! We will have words...

If, however, you are more inclined to look your best, then chances are you'll be the envy of everyone at the wedding. They'll stare and wonder, How does she do it?! Your look is polished. On point. Effortless. Timeless. Etcetera.

The elegant Kate Waterhouse, an Australian socialite and mover and shaker is wearing a violet pleated silk Christopher Esber. It's a blousy two piece that beckons your attention. Sleek hair, limited accessories and a generous smile take this look to the stratosphere.

The length of the dress sits high enough for a daytime or early afternoon wedding. It's chic and understated. While the rest of the women are stuffed in too small sheaths or drowning in ruffles and boleros, you can glide through the entire event with grace and comfort they all wish they'd had. The attention to the pleated fabric treatment is so spectacular, it makes this 'everyday' look luxe and on par with something the Duchess of Cambridge would wear.

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