$10 Rocket Stove - DIY

Since my fiance is going to go camping for a week with his buds, I thought, that it would be cool to get some ideas on how he can be a smart ass and show the others how to be awesome. This $10 diy is just the think I was looking for. So while the guys are fussing with vacu-seal meals, my man can throw this rocket stove together and teach these guys a lesson!

You will need 21 bricks, a metal wire mesh about 8" square and a stovetop grate that you can find at a dollar store.

First, take one brick and chop in half.

On a flat surface, begin arranging the bricks: three regular and one half.

Add a metal wire mesh above first layer.

Stack a second layer of bricks on top of mesh: three regular and one half.

The third layer and up will use only whole bricks, stacking in a complete circle.

Lay the kindling inside the hole directly above the metal wire mesh.

Although the brick is blocking the bottom hole, simply move it to the side to allow air movement into the fire.

This is the easiest makeshift rocket stove, and the cheapest out there that you can make for yourself. Whether it's for camping or if you find yourself in an emergency situation, use this method to create sustainable fire and cooking center when you need it. It's far safer than an ordinary campfire and is easier to control.

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