Great Bullion Alternative for Flavor on the Trail

I like to make really flavorful broths for my rice or noodle dishes when hiking, and usually use bullion cubes to do so, but I've never liked how salty these were.

Someone suggested trying to make "Portable Soup" which is basically the old way of making a bullion. It's essentially a condensed soup base, and actually seems pretty cool? It does take a really, really long time to make, though, so I'm not sure when I'll try it.

This guys explanation of how to make the portable soup, but remember it's going to take at least a week in total (not joking) and you'll need some sort of slow cooker as well as a dehydrator if you want to speed it up.

Once you make it, you'd have to take care about where you pack it to bring hiking (if it's really hot, it might melt in your bag or pocket, because of the consistency thing he talked about)

If I made this, I think I would include seasoning in the first step when you boil the meat, so that you don't need to bother seasoning it later!

To speed it up, you could try:

- use powdered gelatin plus beef base

- dry it the same way he did

- OR use granulated beef bullion and powdered gelatin, adding a silicate packet to keep it from clumping

I'll let you know if I try it!

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