Girls' Generation Members Discuss Life After Jessica Jung

For the first time since Jessica Jung's departure, Girls' Generation is making their highly anticipated comeback in Korea.On Tuesday, SM Entertainment released the first single and music video for Girls' Generation's comeback, "Party." During the press conference for their showcase on the same day, the remaining eight members discussed their thoughts and feelings since last year's scandal.Like Us on Facebook "Seeing as how each member had a long training period, we're fairly good at both singing and dancing," said Girls' Generation's Yuri according to allkpop."When we were able to separate the members into [three groups of three], we had no time to stand out, which had been a shame, but I think we've now gotten the time to show each member's charm."Lead singer Taeyeon also discussed the group's plan to release three title tracks and accompanying music videos for this comeback."We did not want to disappoint our fans, so we rolled up and stuck together more as we prepared, and this became a chance for us to become stronger," she said. "Since we've prepared so diligently, it was a shame to show just one song, so this time, we ended up trying out three songs [for title tracks]."Since releasing "Party," Girls' Generation has reportedly already risen to the top of the major Korean music charts like Mnet, Bugs, Olleh, SOribada, Genie, Naver and Monkey3, achieving the coveted "all-kill" status.Similarly, the eight members' appearance on the popular reality show "Running Man" earned the episode an average of 9.7% viewer rating, 1.7% higher than the show's ratings the previous week.In May, Jessica also revealed her life after Girls' Generation in an interview with Marie Claire."If I were still a part of Girls' Generation, I wouldn't be able to participate in a photo shoot like today," said Jung according to allkpop. "Idol group members always have to be happy. Nice, pure and happy. But I'm already 27 and I can't always be that happy girl."

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