Getting Through Hump Day Alive

Everyone always talks about how much Mondays suck but no one ever talks about how Wednesday's are the absolute WORST! They are the dead middle of the week, which means you are already over waking up early and you know full well that you still have 2 more full work days (3 if you count Wednesday!) before the glorious weekend. UGH.

So you need to make Wednesday your Party Day.

And here are just a few ways how to get though the Hump of the week, because after Wednesday, well its all down hill to Friday babyyyy.


1. Eat candy for breakfast

Ok, so it doesn't have to be candy exactly but treat yourself to an awesome breakfast. Have a cupcake from your fav bakery or inhale a fantastic bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Whatever it is you crave in the morning that you usually refrain from eating do to diets, money, or time, GET IT!

Starting your morning off with food will make everything better.


2. Blast music

I use to have to wake up at 5am for rugby games. It sucked. But once my house mate started blasting pump up jams it was hard not to dance around with her while searching for my other knee high sock. So rock out to some crazy tunes before heading into the office.


3. Wear the perfect outfit

Maybe its this awesome new pant suit you got last weekend or maybe your job is super informal and you show up in yoga pants and a hoodie. Whatever it is, rock what makes you feel awesome.

It's the only way to deal with the mid-week blues.


4. Go on, have a quick drink

Maybe you don't normally drink during the week or you save happy hours for Fridays butttttt lets be real, you won't make it to Friday at this rate. Go have a fancy drink or a cool new brew that you never tried before.

Just don't have to much, we don't want Thursday morning to be even more of a struggle.

5. Punch anyone in the face who yells Hump Day at you

Like go take a lap man. It isn't funny ever, but especially not at 7:45am. You are just the worst.

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