The trends that dominated the 2015 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Bold flower prints, ethereal gowns and menswear silhouettes rocked the 2015 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week (so far). The summer fashion week in Paris (which is in addition to the regular fashion weeks because you can never have too many fashion weeks) allows the designers to showcase their haute couture collections for Fall 2015. Here are the most popular trends from the fashion shows.

Bold flower prints

Floral prints aren't just for spring and summer — many of the designers' pieces featured bold and bright floral prints. Giambattista ValliI, Chanel, Versace, Ulyana Sergeenko and Schiaparelli were some of the designers that chose to showcase bold flower prints on their designs.

Menswear silhouette

It's been a trend in high fashion for a little while and the trend continued in the Paris Haute Couture Fashion show. Chanel showcased the menswear silhouette (as usual) along with Dior and Ulyana Sergeenko.

Ethereal gowns

It was like haute couture stepped in a time machine and went back to Ancient Greece with flowy ethereal gowns. Versace stole this trend with pastel gowns with draping, but other designers, such as Schiaparelli and Dior. I have a feeling we will be seeing a few of these gowns on the red carpet soon.

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