You see these cheeks? These are the cheeks that I miss the most. Not because Jimin looked "cute" with them, but because it showed me that he was healthy and full and well. It's devastating to hear my boys gladly admitting to eating 1 meal a day or only breakfast and lunch. I just found out that each one of my babies are underweight by more than 10 pounds. It seriously killed me to hear that. I thought if I lost anymore weight that I'D be underweight. But now I'm only worried about the fact the boys are 😩 please Bangtan eat as much as you can and grow! You all are still young and still have time to grow so use this time to get well and don't cause us ARMYs too much worry. 오빠들 건강하세요!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 제발요!! Oppa-duel (plural) Geongang-haseyo =Please stay healthy Jebalyo = Please (like a pretty please/begging)

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