Forever second lead, Kim Woo Bin fanart!

K-pop fanart

My favorite Kim Woo Bin drama of all time, School 2013. So much bromance in that one!

This was his first scene in Heirs. Who knew he'd turn out to be such a sweetheart?

His dog was his closest friend in the entire drama (Heirs). Poor Choi Young Do!

I think this is from the movie Chingu 2! That was one intense movie with bad guy Woo Bin.

Another rendition of bad guy Woo Bin from Heirs! His hair is so flawless!

King Woo Bin! Can you imagine him in a historical drama?

One of my favorites! Why can't I draw like this?

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Look forward to more K-drama fanart each week! ^_^

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