Heritage Not Hate

Recently there has been an ongoing thing about the Confederate Flag. I know this is a controversial subject but I wanted to throw in my perspective. This flag is the Tennessee battle flag. I live in Tennessee as well. Maybe your asking why is it a big deal or why are you even talking about it.

Well I'm talking about it because to me it's history. I'm nowhere close to racism. I love everyone no matter their skin color but I love my flag too. Not just the Confederate Flag but the American Flag as well.

In my city there was a Confederate Flag parade. It happened out of nowhere. People of all races were in it too. When interviewed they said that they too were born in Tennessee and it's their history as much as anyone's.

And no it wasn't just rednecks in this parade. It was many different social classes. I was told that this shows how uneducated Tennessee residents were. Well most of the people who participated are college graduates with a bachelors or higher. I feel Noone has a right to make that statement.

Either way this parade was kind of like a protest. But guess what... There was zero have and zero altercations. The police were everywhere and did not arrest or even pull anyone over.

I'm proud to be from Tennessee and America.

Plus how can you resist these mountains? Please if you have any comments throw them out there. I'd like to know others opinions.

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