When you discover an awesome band with a damn-near perfect song [LotD #28]

Yesterday, one of my favorite things happened: I discovered a new band, and discovered that they are fucking awesome, and discovered that I love listening to them, and that they have some true gems of songs.


The song is "I'll Be on the Water," which is way better than 'that good'.

The lyric is:

"If you have to stay

I'll be on the water

Catching the next wave

You can meet me where it breaks"

Mmmmmm, isss gooooood.

The song has very few lyrics, just repeating that verse and one more a few times. It relies really successfully on the lead singer's voice and the minimalist guitar. In general, it's a really nice poem, and an even better piece of music.

More to come from Akron/Family in the future, for sure. Does anyone know these guys well? Anything to report?

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