Giuliana Rancic is leaving E! WHAT!?

Is this really happening!?

“For more than a decade, I was fortunate enough to play a role in the success of E! News and will miss my family at the show. At the same time, I am excited to not only continue as host of two major franchises on E! but also executive produce the aspirational new show Rich in Faith for Oxygen as well as take my wine and clothing lines to the next level. This is such a thrilling time for me and I thank the gang at E! for understanding my desire to embark on this next chapter in my life.” - Giuliana Rancic tells US Weekly

Here's the link to her official statement on E! :

The Scandals...

First it was her comments about Zendaya's dreadlocks smelling of 'weed' and 'patchouli'. It caused a very threatening media storm in support of Zendaya forcing Rancic to make a public apology. Joan Rivers died ruining E! Fashion Police causing a strong feud between Rancic and Kelly Osbourne. Rancic and her husband were also crushed in her constant battle with infertility. Lastly, Rancic has faced harsh criticism regarding her weight saying she's anorexic looking, skeletal, and unhealthy. The reasoning behind her appearance is the drugs she is taking to prevent and battle further cancer complications.

What's next?

Not everything is horrible for the E! anchor. She will still be close with the network as she will remain as the reporter on Live From The Red Carpet at all major award shows. She plans to focus on her fashion line, G by Giuliana, and also her wine business, XO, G. Racic will also be executive producer for a new show called Rich in Faith for Oxygen as well as remaining on Fashion Police. She will also continue running her two restaurants in Chicago with her husband, Bill Rancic which means she will be relocating to Chicago from LA.

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