Street Art in Latin America: São Paulo, Brasil

Street art in an art that has been spread throughout the world, and São Paulo is one of those places. Often, street art discusses political issues, inviting viewers to participate in the discourse.

Here are some of the most important, and beautiful street works of art in São Paulo.

Need Food, Not Football

This art piece was created by Paulo Ito. Ito was inspired by a French street artist, Goin. In an interview with Holly Ryan from The Crick Centre, Ito says his pieces has some sort of critical message.

"PI: I don’t want my works to have a single understanding. To me a good painting will propagate different interpretations and the image itself sometimes is more about feelings and therefore it should not be turned into words."

Os Gêmeos are twin street artists who created this artwork.


"Mr. Mayor: There are a lot of serious problems in our city that need to be resolved. Don't spend time and money erasing graffiti from the streets!"

This artwork was made by Francisco da Silva, who is also known by "Nunca." The work is in the Liberdade neighborhood of São Paulo, Brasil.

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