Messy Hotel Room Cocktail Project

You have two choices:

1. Step to the bar of The Veranda at the historic luxe Georgian beach hotel in Santa Monica and order a cocktail before midnight and imbibe yourself to sleep at the bar or...

2. Do something a bit more fun and naughty from the comfort of your suite at all hours of the morning!

Option 1 isn't worth writing about. Too boring.

Option 2 on the other hand...

After you've had your fill of night life and it's pushing 3:30 AM, head back to your hotel room with a bottle of champagne--any will do. You're going to embark on a project that is best left up to pros, which means you run the potential to destroying an iconic drink, which is just downright naughty!

Put your chemistry skills to use by running hot water till it's scalding, adding 1 packet of sugar to equal amount of water in a glass.

Shove 6 lemon wedges you scored from the lobby into the glass. Know what you're making yet?

If you're already tipsy from the night and you're trying to do this, guesstimate about ¾ ounce of gin (or ½ of a baby bottle).

Put your fingers to use and stir all that with a little ice...almost there.

Drizzle icy cold champagne to the top of the glass.

Giggle your way to the end of the glass.

You've just made your very own Hotel Room French 75.

Now, if only you could get French Toast at this hour! That would be perfect!

What's your favorite make-from-scratch hotel room cocktail?

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