Happy Friday! Have a Laugh

I'm the kind of person that can fall into never ending spirals of Youtube videos. I used to play a game when the weather was really bad where you'd try to get from a video about one thing (The Beatles) to something totally different (vacation in Hawaii) just by clicking videos in the sidebar.

Today, I found compilations of people laughing. And can't stop laughing, or watching, or laughing.

So I thought that like the people laughing on the subway above, I would spread the laughter around here :)

The first and the last one....excuse me while I try to hold in this laughter I can't stop laughing...

Full disclosure: the 5th one here (boomerang excerpt) was a comedy sketch, not just someone laughing, but all the others are legit!

I feel for this guy. Because I'm 5 and also laugh at words like pussy, but only when in a situation where I totally shouldn't. I don't think it's funny, but then in a serious moment someone says it and I just lose it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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