Summer Playlist Challenge

Okay, I know it took me forever to finally do this but here it is, my Summer Playlist.

Thanks to@MattK95 for tagging me and prompting me to do this (cuz everone knows I loves me an awesome playlist),@PassTheSuga 언니 for suggesting this playlist, and@aabxo 선배 for supporting this challenge. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho, my playlist for summer is all about fun loving and just enjoying yourself. There is quite a bit of partying going on too. But I got some cool mellow chill songs to flow with. So 친구 들, 얘들아 please enjoy!

f(x) Hot Summer

^^V So of course I needed to post a very summery song and I know this isn't a new song but it is fun summer song.

f(x) NU ABO

So this song is here because it is funky and punk and fun all over! \@@/ YAY!

Sistar Shake It

....>^^< come on what else do you expect me to do all summer

Sistar Touch My Body

Sistar Loving U

Mikey Loving You

So I have both versions of loving you because......why not? lol

I really love this song and I love the R&B version even more.

Big Bang Bang Bang Bang

Bang Bang Bang

Big Bang We Like 2 Party

Honestly what is summer without parties

Big Bang Sober 맨정신

And during the making of this mv no one was ironically they weren't sober in We Like 2 Party \/>.<\/ *headacheoverload* \/>.<\/

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Candy Candy

Although I eat candy all year round this song has such a cool summer feel for me that it totally belongs.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu PONPONPON

lol fun fun !!!!

Jeffrey Kung 孔令奇 Kick It Old School

Who doesn't need a healthy dose of funky swing hip old school jazz type music to make them the coolest cat around this summer?

Bruno Mars Lazy Song

And speaking of cool cats, what about all those lazy days you get to splurge yourself on???

huuh? any takers? none.....>--<

LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

lol.....I mean lmfao....Get it ? No...I know it was a bad joke but still how could you live summer without the hype party anthem

NS Yoon-G Honey Summer

Uhm yeah I'm still not sure how to explain this but I like it and it screamed summer love to so yeah. > I need some summer love< \/^^\/

Crush (feat ZICO) Oasis

Well, well, well, while I'm waiting for Crush's 'You and I', I will indulge myself with this summer love song that I seem to need. #lonelysummer #singlesummer #summerfun

Eluphant (feat Soyu) SimSim

If you guys don't know Eluphant, don't worry I will write a need to know bio on him since he is totally my lowkey bae. But this song is truly a summer love song that is so sweet and sincere and I think a lot will be able to relate to this song.

2PM 미친거 아니야 (Go Crazy)

I have both versions so you can enjoy Taecyeon oppa's surprise and confusion at the goat and all the other random things that happen in the party version.

Girl's Day Darling

Here is another sweet summer fun song that I enjoy.

Girl's Day Hello Bubble

This just has a bubbly fun loving energy that fits for cool chill summer days. Just hanging out with your girl friends (or guy friends) and having fun.

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