Feeling Lonley? Go to the Zoo

Sometimes when we feel like we're on or own, we tend to hide away. If we don't have other people to hang out with we choose Netflix over adventure. One place you'd never think to go alone is the zoo. Right? Seems like a family thing or a date thing. But it can really lift your spirits, and here's why. All photos By: Tess Stevens For Vingle.net

The animals don't know you, nor do they care if you're by yourself.

Most of the time we think people are going to look at us funny if we're alone. These guys don't care. Especially this fierce Snow Leopard here, who literally napped while I felt self-conscious.

There's nothing better than getting close to a penguin.

People can eat it, penguins are where it's at. Have you ever looked a penguin in the eye? That's love.

You can learn new things.

Like, did you know that these little guys are native to New York? You can learn all kinds of things when you leave the house, even though it's scary to be alone.

You can see some pretty amazing things too.

The zoo is chock full of programs, feedings (like this sea lion one), presentations and animal shows. You can learn about the animals and see all the crazy things that they do, and you don't. I can't jump 20 feet out of the water, can you?

Seeing your favorite animal will totally make your week.

I love Puffins. I think they're really funny and endearing. Seeing those little things made me laugh, and they also made me happy. It doesn't matter if you've had a hard week, or lost sleep. When you see your favorite animal, you're going to get pumped.

It puts things into perspective.

So go out there and do some things alone, because there's nothing better than having a good relationship with yourself.

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