'Double Down' Who?! KFC Philippines Launches Fried Chicken Crust Pizza

Introducing KFC Philippines' Chizza, the latest addition to the running list of things you didn't know you needed in your life. It's stringy mozzarella cheese, chunky tomato sauce, and a number of other pizza toppings all piled on a crust made out of boneless fried chicken.


Yeah, that's right. A crust comprised only of fried chicken.

And if that wasn't epic enough, check out the commercial, where the chizza is paid homage to with a Tagalog rewrite of "I Will Survive" (which is an ironic song choice because after enough of these babies, you probably wouldn't).

Okay, so.... I'm just going to put it out there and say that I'm not really about that 'pineapple chunks on a pizza' life, but maybe it translates better when it's piled on fried chicken.

So far, Filipino foodies have been praising the chizza, and the Internet peanut gallery have been surprisingly loving the idea too.

Tell-it-like-it-is Italian grandmothers

"What the f--k'd you do to this Chicken Parmesan?"

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