Cheer Up, Buttercup It's Cheer Up The Lonely Day!

Cheer up The Lonely Day

It’s celebrated every year on the 11th of July, and it was created by Francis Pesek from Detroit, Michigan. He was inspired to create this holiday, after he had witnessed the loneliness that residence in nursing homes felt.

Loneliness is something that a lot of people suffer from, which may lead to a spiral of depression. Make the effort in doing something uplifting for those who may be struggling from depression, or who may feel isolated or alone.

Here are some super sweet & thoughtful things you can do for your lonely buddy.

Set Up A Picnic

Sometimes, what we need to help get the happy gears turnin', is to go out into fresh air and be accompanied by someone special. Gather each other's favorite foods, a small radio, and relax. Take the whole day to lay under the sun and indulge in the sweet air. Oh, and leave the phones at home.

Make Something

Store-bought items can be cool, but actually taking the time to create something for your friend, speaks in so many more ways than you think. You're expressing that they are so important to you, that they deserve your free time. Think about the things that they like. Maybe you can put together a homemade journal, or bake them their favorite sweet dessert.


To get of a funk, sometimes we gotta help other people's funks. Besides, building other people feels good. Go out and volunteer somewhere. You may learn a few things, really help change someone's life, or even have a connection with someone new.

Cheer Someone Up Today!

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