Valentino For Moms

Look what I found! I am really on this mission to get moms to elevate their style for their son's and daughter's weddings! It's a travesty what moms have been throwing on, looking their absolute worst, with cameras shooting pictures of the horror forever!

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But I had to share this impromptu photo of these lovelies, Olivia Palermo and Sofia Barrenechea wearing Valentino just before the Fall/Winter Haute Couture show. Tulle is all you need to look sophisticated, sexy and stylish for wedding season.

There's a lot of talk and griping about the impossibilities of affording it or even finding it to wear to begin with. RUBBISH! There are boutiques, vintage clothiers, online sites to rent the runway...etcetera! I refuse to believe that it would cost you another mortgage to get into something fabulous.

If I see one more mom sporting something from the Macy Woman collection I am going to puke!

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