K-Hip Hop Rappers You Should Know Part 2

Part 2 of this collection is finally out, sorry it took so long :(

@KpopJunkiesTV and@Poojas this is for you guys ^^


This card contains coarse language and possibly some adult themes, not for young viewers, so if swearing offends you, please skip this card... thanks :)


LE is like the female version of iKon's B.I, she does everything, dances, sings, raps, composes, produces... basically the whole package!!! She is one of the masterminds behind the duo Troublemaker, she even penned their most recent hit "Now" how awesome is that!!!

She hasn't done a solo yet so here is a compilation of some of her raps from her group EXID plus a song she did with fellow Korean Rapper Basick

1. LE - Compilation of raps from EXID

2. ELLY x Basick - Promiscuous (Cover)

Rap Monster of BTS (RM, or Namjoon)

One of the best rappers anywhere in my opinion, his voice is so distinct it makes his raps so unique, they draw you in and make you want to hear more... at least I think so, this guy is seriously one of my favorite rappers ever, not just in Korea, I mean from any country ^^

1. Rap Monster - Awakening

2. Rap Monster - Drifting

3. Rap Monster - Do You

4. Rap Monster - What Am I To You?


Yezi is sooooooooooo underrated, which is strange as she had credit as an underground rapper before she debuted, and she debuted at such a young age like 16 I think, but I'm not quite sure XD


We are still waiting on a mixtape... hurry it up please Yezi!!!! :P

Yezi - Rap Compilation

See how amazing she is ^^

Songs in the compilation:

1. Hug Me (Cover)

2. One More

3. We don't stop 4.나 이런 여자예요 (Such A Woman) (CD ver) 5.나 이런 여자예요 (Such A Woman) (Repackage ver) 6. I don't know (R. Tee Remix) 7. Wicked 8. Vista 9. Girlfriend feat. Lil mama (Cover)

ZICO of Block B

ZICO is an amazing rapper, like really good! He manages to get himself into a fair amount of trouble, but he somehow gets out of it just as quickly. He's a bit of a rascal, but as my sister@jiggzy19 puts it, he is really very sweet underneath all that bravado and badassery!! :)

oh he's also Taewoons younger brother :)

1. ZICO - Tough Cookie (Feat. Don Mills)

The actuall MV was very... controversial, and I don't wanrt to offend anyone, so here is the link if you are interested :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2RLb-RryEs

2. ZICO - Well Done (Feat. Ja Mezz)

Here are a couple of bonus tracks ^^

1. Rap Monster x ZICO - Fuck Cockroachez

Rap Monster and ZIC!!! They were both very young here, but this is still darn awesome ^^

2. LE - Audition for JYP

ah-mazing!!!!!! \(^-^)/

I DO NOT own any of these videos or pictures :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it ^^

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