The Amazing 5-Course Local Italian Dinner

Like I said, one of the most amazing things about Italy is the food. This was a 5-course dinner that I had with locals in Bari. It was so so so good. We went to this really small, not fancy-looking local italian resturant, that was really hidden and far from all the tourist attractions, so there were no tourists, only locals and of course - me. When we came in to resturant, we hardly find a free table (there were only like 10 tables for 2 to 4 people). We were a party of 7, so we grabbed the two tables and somehow managed to make it into one. They were both different sizes, heights, shapes so it was reall funny. Oh, and they were really unstable. After 20 minutes of sitting and talkin, the weiter finally showed up and all that he said was (in italian of course): red wine or white wine? There was no option of what brand or what kind, we only choose the color and we got one big pint of wine on our table (in about 10 minutes haha). The next question was: seafood or meat? So basicly, this answer will decide all your upcomming courses. And since Bari is a seaside city, most of us went for seaside. Later on we were told they have a really tiny kitchen and only one cook, and there is no menu, the cook decides what he will be making the whole day, and when he's out of food, he closes his resturant. So it was actually a realy fancy resturant afterall, since freshness was their thing. So the time we spent at that table was about 4 hours and about 4 glasses of wine. First we got this amazing appetizer of coocked ham and fresh italian mozzarella. Than we got this sphagetti with different seafood, than a plate of seafood, than fresh charries, than this amazing desserts filled with hot vanilla-cherry cream and limoncelo. I was so full at the end and really happy I got to try local italian resturant. So I am looking forward to my next trip to Italy to try some new of their delicious food. If you don't do it like a local, don't even bother. ~ Mixologist ~ Traveler ~ Poetry/Essay Writter ~ Cooking Enthusiast ~ PR & Marketing Student ~ Psychology ~ Pianist ~ Indie/Alternative/Hard/Acoustic/Classic/Electric Rock ~
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