SIXTEEN Results - members of JYPE new debut group : TWICE

Out of Sixteen members - 9 were selected! it was originally supposed to be 7 but JYP decided that he needed these 2 girls on the group. They are the girl group since Miss A debuted I will list the official members of TWICE ! (small Description of how I perceived them)

Here is the group logo

1. Na Yeon (Im Nayeon) Nationality: Korean 9.2.1995 (oldest member) She came out very strong! You can see that she will make a great leader. She definitely knows how to keep the group together while staying kind to the younger ones. She is also very well rounded in her talents!

2. Jung Yeon (Yoo Jungyeon ) Nationality: Korean 11.01.1996 She also gives of a leadership vibe. She appears confident but not in a cocky way! You can tell that she is also very out going and not afraid to be weird.

3. Jihyo (Park Jisoo) Nationality: Korean 2.01.1997 She has been training in JYPE for 10 YEARS! yeah 10! so it wasn't surprising that she was also well rounded!

4. Tzuyu Nationality: Taiwanese 6.14.1999 @ the beginning she came out as very shy but toward the end of Sixteen you really saw her boom with confidence! She is known for being the sexy acting one  ̄ 3 ̄

5. Chae Young (Son Chaeyoung ) Nationality: Korean 4.23.1999 She is very up beat & is a very good rapper! (we all know that every group has at least 1)

6. Da Hyun (Kim Dahyun ) Nationality: Korean 5.28.1998 She has a lot of character and isnt embarassed to be herself (which is a great thing). but i Don't really like her. There is just something that I really dont like. (she got picked I was sorta raging \(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/ ) at some points she came out very cocky and stuck up... which really pissed me off.

THEN MY FAV MEMBERS: the Japanese Line

7. SANA Nationality: Japanese 12.29.1996 Sana is my ultimate favorite (along with Momo) She is very bubbly which is something I don't usually like but she works it well and not in an over used way to the point where it is annoying. One thing she did display in Sixteen is that she can be serious when needed.

8. Momo (Hirai Momo) Nationality: Japanese 11.9.1996 Momo is a GREAT... I MEAN GREAT DANCER! She didn't give up until the end which was her charm. She also appears to be very caring.

9. Mina (Myoui Mina ) Nationality: Japanese-American 3.24.1997 Mina seems like a fast learner. She is also very humble and not at all cocky.

Everything here are tiny things about me! 😁I'm really into just about anything! so if there is something you find interesting let me know! share your interest!
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