Imagine :D


Your dating G-Dragon and hes been on tour for months now. Youve just gotten off the phone with your best friend and finished the lastest k-drama and now its time for bed. You stay up abit late looking through your phone of picutres/videos Big Bang. A single tear drop falls from your eye as you come across a photo of you and your lover. You decide to get some water as you get up you get several notifications. You quickly unlock your phone and look at them. There from..... T.O.P. Its another series of instagram furniture You let out a small disappointed laugh , just return back to bed and lie there. Seconds turn into hours as you wait for some kind of message from GD. Its been days since you last gotten a message from him. You undersrand that hes on tour but a simple hello or some type of comfort would make you feel your not forgotten. You become restless and just decide to sit in your room in utter darkness wearing his gray hoodie. Maybe you can fall asleep and forget about him and the long distance relationship you've been leading on. Countless thoughts run through you mind should you just break up with him? The thought makes you begin to to cry. You turn over and whisper into your pillow "I love you .....Kwon Ji-Yong" "I love you too" you hear closely behind you


I dont typically write imagines but Its 1a.m. and Yes im a big fat liar I know I told you guys that I was going to sleep but I kind of forgot *nervous laughter* please forgive me..... So im sorry but Im actually starting to get tired so this was really a rushed writing. I was bored and this thought just kind of crossed my mind. So I decided to share. Dont judge me im weird I know lol But goodnight for real this time (and sorry for my english If any parts are hard to understand I'll fix my grammar later. but right now. I need the Sleep ♡♡) Love you guys, goodnight or morning depending on where you are

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