Hi guys! ~ So today I'm going to talk about "A" unit in the MADE series. "Bang Bang Bang" is hands down my favorite song in the series so far. Its the only song I can wake up too and turn up immediately. It just makes my mornings better when I have summer school. ;~; I read many comments that people didn't like the drop but honestly that's my favorite part. Also the more club like part just makes me want to jump. The song is just perfect. It really satisfied me. Taeyang being Taeyang ya know shirtless, TOP battling himself, Seungri BEING SEXY IN THAT BLACK COSTUME, GD's CHARISMA AND HIS HAIR, and Daesung's infamous body pop. Just perfect. "We like 2 party" is such a chill summer song. Its those songs that you bump in your car during summer nights and sing out loud. The song genuinely makes me happy and relaxed inside. It was awesome seeing Big Bang veing goofballs while under the influence. In a way I was bothered because I have bad experiences when it comes to alcohol but I know they only meant it to bring out the vibe of the MV and song. I hope you guys had a great day or are having a great day! Good night! ❤

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