7 Reasons Why Cinderella Is The Best Disney Princess

Cinderella sometimes gets hated on because she's not as overtly "Girl Power!" as princesses like Mulan or Merida.

She's hardworking.

Who gets up every day at the crack of dawn to be a productive human being? Not me (although I seriously wish I did). Cinderella is no stranger to the hustle. She works hard all week long so that on Saturday night, she's earned the right to play hard.

Plus, she knows that loving domestic drudgery like cooking and cleaning don't make her any less of a feminist. Owning your passions and working hard at them – that's something I respect in every gender.

She's all about that shabby chic.

Cinderella is crafty af! She makes time for her hobbies of sewing and dress design, even though she's probably exhausted after spending the day whipping an entire mansion into shape. I admire thrift in all its forms, and you can just tell that our Cindy is a girl who knows how to cut corners and penny-pinch. Making your own dress is a pretty dope way to save cash-money (and have a ball doing so).

She doesn't let the bitches get her down.

You're going to meet unpleasant people in this life. It's a fact. In my experience, they're usually just people who are miserable in their own lives, so they take out that bitterness on others. Misery loves company, right? But Cinderella doesn't let her step-bitches' toxic attitude get her down; she knows they're just jealous. She keeps calm, goes out and has a great night anyway!

She looks good even when she's a mess.

Look at her rock those rags! Her smile and positive attitude are more beautiful than any fancy dress. I think it's important to dress down once in a while, and know that you are beautiful even in sweatpants and a ponytail. I have a feeling that even if the Prince saw her like this, in her ripped dress and bad haircut, he'd still think she's a stunner.

...but she still cleans up real nice.

That girl knows how to rock an outfit. Cinderella knows that if you're going to dress like a princess, the most important accessory is confidence.

She knows the importance of fab footwear.

A great pair of shoes can go a long way in making you feel powerful, sexy, and just generally great about yourself. You can be a strong, independent woman and still love shoes! I mean, come on, who doesn't feel a little sexier wearing a great pair of heels?

She isn't afraid to fall in love.

Am I less of a strong, independent woman if I get butterflies every time I see my Charming, and dream of him sweeping me off my feet and into a beautiful, romantic future? Or if I look forward to someday being a wife and mother? Cinderella gets knocked because "all she does is marry a prince." Not so, my friends; she shows that even though we all go through some sh*t, negative circumstances can have a silver lining. She keeps up hope when things look hopeless; she knows what she wants, and is confident in her choices; she allows herself to be open to beautiful opportunities when they come along; and most importantly, she is real, she is emotionally honest, and she allows herself to be vulnerable.

I'm so tired of people telling me what a strong, independent woman looks like.

Like Cinderella, you should know that there's no right way to be a woman, and that true strength is all about weathering life's difficult times with aplomb, never letting the haters get you down, and feeling great about going after what you want.

Edit: Here's a wonderful card by@LizArnone about her relationship and how to be independent even when you have emotional ties to someone else. A true strong, independent Cinderella if there ever was one! :D

Think positive, love food, be happy :)
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