Summer Playlist


2ne1 brought back their reggae inspired sound with their song falling in love. Beach + Hot Boys + Basketball , Well…you get the idea of a perfect summer

2ne1 - Falling In Love

How can this not represent summer?

Fx - Hot Summer

Awesome summer song ! I love it.. :D

Geeks - Fly

They all look adorable in this music video

B.a.p - Stop It

This is a cover song but of course, BigBang remixed it. Beach party with BigBang? Big Yes

Bigbang - Sunset Glow

Am I the only one that thinks this song is underrated? ^_^

Exid - I Feel Good

Super catchy song and Hyori is a goddess.

Lee Hyori - U Go Girl

Secret - Yoohoo

Tvxq (before the jyj members left )Super Junior And Shinee performed a summer song together This got all up in my feels Good times huh?

Tvxq , Shinee , Super Junior - Boom Boom

A summer getaway with your girlfriends in Hawaii !! This song has a laid-back video with a sweet summer feel to it

Sistar - Loving You

Some of my friends have been referencing to this song all summer by saying “I’m so hot hot hot hot” super catchy

Wonder Girls - So Hot

It reminds me of old school hip hop from the late 90's / early 2000's

Dynamic Duo - Summer Time

Again, another cute song that I’ll make an exception for

Ze:A - Watch Out

This is a fun collaboration between IU and her label mates Fiestar it has a sweet summery feel to it

IU Ft Fiestar - Sea Of Moonlight

Another Sweetune song. Though this song came out in March 2011, Rainbow promoted the track throughout the summer. “A” stands for addictive in this song.

Rainbow - A

Song is by indie group Ulala Session its a fun party song for anytime of the year , Unfortunately their leader died of cancer but his talent will be forever remembered each time someone enjoys this song.

Ulala Session - Beautiful night

Nine Muses - Gun

Loco's voice is just unique compared to other korean rappers with Jay's elastic vocals and ad-libs this song is addictive and cool song for a summer season

Loco ft Jay Park - Thinking About You

Miss Zico's dreads so much.

Block B - Tell Them


Thanks for the tag@MattK95 i had a really great time picking the songs.

@PassTheSuga @aabxo thanks for coming with this fun challenge ^-^

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