50 Cent Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy; Here's 6 Ways He Can Get Out Of Debt

Poor Fiddy! This morning, 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin' rapper Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the same day the New York state court was going to make a decision about a $5 million sex tape lawsuit filed against him by Rick Ross' ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston.

As a twenty-something who spent her college years pouring people their no-foam soy lattes, I can tell you it's not very fun being broke. But fortunately for 50 Cent, I've become a professional at such thing, so I've come up with a special list of ways he can get his hands on some extra cash and get his life back on track!

Hold Your Very Own Bake Sale!

You remember bake sales, right, Curtis? Those were the ones that your elementary school PTA used to hold where they would sell cupcakes and cookies and slices of pie to the people in your community to help fundraise field trips and get the library new books. I'm sure you could find some great dessert recipes online. You could even sell them for 50 cents a pop!

Direct & Star In "Get Rich Or Die Tryin': The Musical"!

Literally every single movie in existence has a Broadway musical adaption these days, isn't it time to see one for 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" too? It could be awesome. It could be the career revival you need. And I guess if you get stage fright, convince Billy Porter to take a break from 'Kinky Boots' and be your understudy. I'm sure he'd be down.

Open Your Own Candy Shop!

Remember that time you promised everyone that you'd take them to the 'Candy Shop'? Well, first off, dude, you lied. And secondly, if you did, you would probably make bank. Wanna know what's better than a candy necklace? A huge candy platinum chain with a jawbreaker eagle medallion. Endorsed by a famous rapper. (I, for one, would be all over that.)

Release A Series Of Erotic Fiction Novels!

You should have trademarked the word '50' while you had a chance, but since you didn't, why not milk it with your very own set of erotic fiction, 'Fiddy Shades of Grey'. Believe me - you'll be able to sell it by the droves, and then you can go on extensive book tours and probably 'The View' when you're not busy rolling in stacks of cash.

Endorse Your Fragrance On The Home Shopping Network!

Whether it's QVC or HSN, infomercial-based shopping channels have been helping resurrect the careers and relevancy of many a flopping celebrity by allowing them the opportunity to hawk perfumes and skin creams on national TV. Just think of what it did for Suzanne Somers and Judith Light. What do you mean 'who are they'?

If All Else Fails, Walk Dogs!

I'm not sure exactly how broke you are these days, but if things are really at rock bottom, you could always do what many of us fellow brokes do and learn how to be an epic dogwalker! It's easy, it's fun, and you get to chill with dogs all day. Hang up a few flyers around the neighborhood, and you'll be the most popular guy on the block.

So there you go, Fiddy. There's your game plan. Consider it a 'bail out', okay?

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