HELP! Box Braids Nightmare

For the first time ever, I decided to get box braids. After 6 weeks of rockin' the poetic justice look, I decided to unravel my hair. After 5 hours of removing my braids, and building up a scary pile of weave on my bedroom floor, I jumped in the shower to take care of my kinks and curls. I deep conditoned my hair and took a comb to my hair... NOPE AIN'T NO COMB GOING THROUGH THIS HAIR! My hair unbelievably knotted and I swear I have dreads. I tried to deep condition my hair again today and I was able to comb through the front...while snipping away the ends. Before I impatiently take a razor to my hair and go bald, please help a sista out! I have natural, thick curly/coily hair (no relaxers). To those of you with natural hair who has had braids/twists...I seriously need your help!

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