Me personally I think this is true. J-hope is always so happy, he's always try making fun of himself and others just to keep the members happy. But we all saw how sad and lonely he was when he watched the birthday videos his members, managers and his parents and siblings made. The members. I can't even believe they did this. They threw him a surprise birthday gift. What more can a person ask for? His members all secretly took videos of themselves (and the managers) congratulating him and wishing him a happy birthday. He tried to hold in his tears as he watched them. But then when his father came up he started bawling. His dad was so proud of his boy! His mother and siblings we're cheering him on, telling him what a good job he's done so far. This is a reason why I love J-hope so much. I want to hug him when he's down. I wanna be the one that's there for him. He may be the happy virus but he is still loney, everyone gets lonely sometimes.

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