ONE PIECE theme song ranking of the year!

In order to commemorating the premiere of the upcoming OVA "ONE PIECE FILM Z" , Rekochoku (Japan's music streaming and download site, has revealed their “ONE PIECE theme song ranking. For this ranking, users chose songs that they like the most in the long-running youth-oriented anime, One Piece. Hiroshi Kitadani's "We are", the first One Piece opening, ranks #1 on Rekochoku's chart. Since "We are" is the first opening of the One Piece anime TV series, it has gained a lot of popularity over the years. "Whenever i listen to this song, i feel like going on a adventure", or "it's so full of vitality!" are the comments by the Rekochoku's users. No 2 spot belongs to "Believe". Believe was the song sung for the 2nd opening in the One Piece anime. It was sung by Folder5. According to the fans, "This song is one of the top karaoke songs which makes everyone feel high" ONE PIECE theme song ranking: 1. We are - Hiroshi Kitadani 2. Believe - Folder5 3. Share the world - TVXQ 4. Fight together - Namie Amuro 5. We are - AAA I love "we are" by Hiroshi Kitadani too >v<

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