Like Mac Demarco? Check out Connan Mockasin

A great man once said, "Similar people make similar music."

herehereConnan Mockasin

Also, I lied about that first part.

Mockasin comes from New Zealand. He's actually been around for a while now, touring originally as Connan and the Mockasins and later changing to the current name. He toured with Radiohead in 2013, and released an album called Caramel on a major record label, Mexican Summer, in the same year.

That's about all I know about him, and I don't honestly feel like I need more info. The music is enough. Above, check out "I'm the Man, That Will Find You," and it'll take no time for you to see what I mean about that Mac comparison.

But not too sad.

It's, like, too weird to be sad.

Uruguayan musicInternational music is fun, and Connan Mockasin is fun.

Obsessive music fan, unable to play a single note. Student; traveler of the world; amateur MacGyver; old soul; reader; walker.
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