Being The Youngest Child: It's Not Easy Being Cute

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So consider this post a sequel. Introducing the Struggles of Being 'The Baby'.

1. You're forever 'too young' for your siblings to hang with.

The larger the age gap, the less of a chance your older siblings are ever going to invite you to tag along on their adventures. While your older brother or sister gets to go to the mall or see a PG-13 movie with their friends, you're the one who has to stay at home because nothing is more of a drag than having your annoying kid brother or sister tag along.

2. No one listens to what you have to say.

When you're sitting at the dinner table or talking to relatives at a family party, every opinion you have or statement you want to make is often talked over or disregarded due to your comparative 'less experience' than the people around you. Everyone still sees you as 'The Baby', after all. What do you know that they don't? Everyone else is ALWAYS right.

3. You learn about the birds & the bees before your friends do.

If your parents were anything like my parents, they didn't want to have to go through the trouble of having to explain puberty to a different sibling every few years, so they just rounded us all up and taught us all about sex and those 'inevitable body changes' as a family. Nothing can prepare you for the sight of your first menstrual pad. Nothing.

4. Because of that, you're confused as to when 'your turn' is.

Having an older sibling that's already grown into this cool, well-adjusted teenager leaves your preteen self feeling even 'gawkier' than you would've felt as an only child. The big kids go to prom and Driver's Ed classes, and make you swear to secrecy you won't rat them out when they're hiding hickeys with drug store concealer. Meanwhile, you still eat lunch on the swings.


5. You'll always be the 'young and cool' one.

It's been proven in a number of studies that when it comes to imagination, creativity, and wit, the youngest sibling tends to give all the others a serious run for their money. Embrace the fact that you're the sibling with the wild streak. Also embrace the fact you're not a total control freak like your big bro or sis. (We love you guys, but you can be such a drag.)

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