Being the Middle Child: It’s Complicated

Being the YoungestBeing the Oldest

In addition to being forgotten, here are some of the many things that Middle Children have to deal with.

1. You are forever neglected.

Between learning how to deal with the new stuff with the older sibling, and giving the baby attention...there’s little time to focus on the awkward middle kid. You are the mild cheese in the middle of the fun sandwich. Now if you could only get your parents to stop calling you the wrong name...

2. But then again, you can get away with so much more, because all the focus is on the youngest and oldest.

When all the attention was on your siblings, you were in the corner playing pranks on everyone and running around. Your older sibling was held responsible for the problems and the cute young sibling got all the you just did your thing, you know? It’s nice to not be noticed sometimes.

3. You’re not sure exactly where you fit

You aren’t the responsible older one and you aren’t the cute younger one. Are you like your older one or are you similar to the baby of the family? And why are there words like youngest and oldest, but no middlest? It just seems like no one can define you. And it’s complicated.

4. You always get the hand-me-downs, but then you have to give away clothes as hand-me-downs too!

This is just confusing! I have an older bother, so yes I wore boy clothes. But when I finally got girl clothes...I had to hand them down to my younger sister. I mean like what do I get to keep? Come on mom and dad!

5. You always get stuck solving problems and arguments between your siblings.

You are the mediator of the group. The one that calms down your little sibling, but also knows how to reason with the older sibling. You are the peacekeeper, and if it doesn’t can always crack a weird joke to get everyone to laugh...right?


6. You have to be a little weird to get attention.

You do weird stuff all the time just to make sure you are being seen. Like the one time you flushed gram crackers down the toilet, or chopped off all your hair. Or just wore weird hats for a week straight. Just me? Ok, well I’m sure fellow middle children can relate somehow.

“Smile until you feel better. I call it Kimmying."
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