Contrary To Popular Belief, The 76ers Are Heading In The Right Direction

The 76ers have had a rough couple of years for an NBA franchise. The team received no value when franchise player Andre Iguodala walked out of the door via free agency, sending the team into full rebuild mode. Over the past 3 seasons, the 76ers have been atrocious, posting one of the worst records in the league each year.

If you take a close look at the roster and coaching, you can instantly tell that the 76ers are heading in the right direction.

One of the building blocks of the future in Philly is named Jahlil Okafor. The Chicago native is a crafty big man with a plethora of solid post moves. At 6’11 and 270 pounds, Jahlil boasts an NBA ready body that will be able to withstand a 82 game season. Offensively he is the perfect complement to Nerlens Noel as Jahlil has a traditional low block game. Okafor has displayed his unique skill set throughout the NBA Summer League, dominating each player he has been matched up against. Based on the roster and potential usage rate, Jahlil has the ability to be a 14-15 point per game scorer for Philadelphia in his rookie year.

Nerlens Noel played like a man possessed during his rookie season with the 76ers.During the month of March, Noel turned the corner, averaging 14 points, 11 rebounds 2 steals and 2 blocks per game.

The 76ers aren’t going to win a championship next year, but the future is surely bright in Philly.

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