Five Star Swimming Pool

So a friend of mine just invited me to the SLS rooftop Thursday night. If you don't know what the SLS is, no worries, it's only the best best best best best best best best hotel in Beverly Hills. It's got the most awesome views of LA and I am madly in love with this place!

In preparation for the night I thought it was time to find a new cocktail. I hate ordering the same damn cocktails over and over. Then I came across this chic recipe for a Swimming Pool. There are a lot of variations out there. Some with 2 stars and then this one that garnered FIVE STARS! So, it's got to be killer, right?

I have no idea, which is why I am going to order it as soon as I get to the SLS. And I learned this cool trick for making sure you order something different when you go out: make your standard go-to cocktail at home and get your fix first, then go out and drink something completely different! Stand-by drinks work best when you're in mixed company and you don't want to sound like a lush!

this awesome drink

To make the Swimming Pool, mix everything but DO NOT SHAKE. Pour into a sophisticated glass and float the blue curacao on top. Don't be shy when asking for another!

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