Kpop Phone Challenge

As a challenge, I believe started by a fellow vingler@AngelJoong86, I'll be posting some screenshots of my kpop filled phone. I don't call obsession, I call it dedication. haha Anyways, my homescreen is GD and TOP looking all warm and cozy together

My lockscreen is this amazing and inspirational picture of BIGBANG. As many of you can probably tell they are my bias kpop group, the first and only!

So in this part of my phone as you can see there is alot of anime but please note that there are 152 pictures in this folder. Only 52 are anime and the rest are sexy half naked korean men. (or fully clothed if you count TOP) lol and My screenshots is completly kpop related.

I have the free trial Offline youtube service, so I'm using that as a keeper for my kpop music. There are only 23 songs in this playlist, but again I ask that you note this playlist is called 'KPOP2'. 'KPOP1' has 200 videos and I'm currently working on filling this one up. Post your phone on Vingle!! I wanna look through people's phones! lol Good night! and thank you AngelJoong86

I'm a nerd, I love everything from anime to kpop to Teen Wolf to j-rock to fanfiction to video games to reading. Right now my focus is trying to finish Naruto Shippuden, Teen Wolf season 4, and finish the House of Night books series.
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