7 WTF?! Items Amazon Should Have Made Part Of Today's Big Sale

Happy Amazon Prime Day! If you didn't know, today (July 15) is Amazon Prime Day. It's a special day created just this year when popular online marketplace Amazon.com sells several premium products like TVs, Kindles, iPads, etc. for 'Better than Black Friday' prices!

Amazon, however, is an extremely vast website offering a number of things, so I decided that to commemorate this special day, I'd make a card all about the things from Amazon's WTF dark and dusty corners that I wish WERE selling super cheap for Amazon Prime Day.

This Limited Edition Neil Diamond Figurine


Sure, that CoolPix camera you've got on sale might be cool and all, but nothing is cooler than a 4-inch homage to 'Jewish Elvis' himself, the great Neil Diamond.

This Human Nose Shower Gel Dispenser


For the kid who has everything, how about this Human Nose Shower Gel Dispenser? Shout outs to whoever opted for the green body wash for this shot. Every detail counts.

This 'Weener Kleener' Soap Bar

(Retail Price: $8.99)

Kind of a niche market. I'm just going to leave this one here.

These Obscure Japanese Soft Drinks


Ever want to drink a soda that tastes like teriyaki sauce? How about yellow curry? Japanese retailer Hata Ramune is here to make your deeply-seated dreams a reality.

This Playmobil Airport Security Checkpoint Set


Allow your child to be the TSA officer they've always wanted to be with this fun-to-assemble Playmobile set. Casual racism and bomb-sniffing dogs sold separately.

This 40-Pound Case Of Cereal Marshmallows


Back in the 90s, being able to have access to something like this seemed like an impossible dream. Thanks to the Internet, my prayers have been answered.

This Insta-Mullet For Your Dog


Business in the front, party in the back! This is a mullet wig that even your sharpei can get behind. Mullet On The Go, you the real MVP!

So while you're browsing for some new Amazon swag today, consider ALL of your options. (It's the Internet after all.)

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