The Beginning of my Love of K-pop~ :D


As a newbie here on Vingle, I wanted to write a quick intro for everyone in the K-pop community about how I first got into K-pop.

My best friend, May, always talked about listening to Korean and Japanese music whenever we chatted online. It was back in the day when AIM/AOL was big and she kept typing lyrics to K-pop songs which I obviously didn't understand. After getting millions of random lyrics, I wanted to experience this phenomena that wrecked havoc in our conversations.

She sent me the link to Super Junior's Shake it up! ...

And I fell in love.


These human beings were just so perfect. They are gorgeous, funny, have angelic voices, can dance (most of them anyways), and they all seemed happy with what they are doing.

Even when I listened to English music, the artist themselves didn't seem so happy. Lots of the groups I listened to never looked as excited performing as these idols.

Especially during my middle school life, I was struggling with depression. The old music I listened to didn't make me feeling any better than I thought it would. As I started listening to K-pop, I realized I started smiling more. Even my mom kept asking me what's new because I've been more open and happier.

K-pop literally brought more happiness into my life.


Now that I've explained the start of it all, I want to get into my favorite groups!

Boy groups:

Girl Groups:

Other Groups:

Note: I've only been to one K-pop concert in my entire K-pop life. It was VIXX's Showcase in NYC. If you went to VIXX or any other concert, I would love to hear about your experiences! :)


Me as a person is a different story though. I generally am a socially awkward person and relatively shy, but I'm slowly going outside my comfort zone. I love trying to make friends and meeting people with similar interests as me.

I also have a Tumblr! You can follow me at! I follow back and would love to talk to you guys!

I hope I get to know more people that love K-pop and share this passion with me. We are a rare group of people. Gehe~

See ya~

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