Is This 18th Century Mansion The Fanciest McDonald's In The Country?

So I was sifting through the dark corners of the Internet today on a hunt for some funny material to share with the rest of you today when I discovered the above picture, followed by a caption that said 'The World's Fanciest McDonalds'.

I'm a huge foodie with a just-as-huge Instagram food porn collection, so I had to do some investigating to see where this exactly this place was - only to find out it's in New Hyde Park, New York, right off the Jericho Turnpike in Long Island.

For those of you, like me, who live kind of far from Long Island to get there, allow this to be your tour.

The McDonalds is built inside a mansion known to locals as the Denton House. The building itself was built in 1795 and first opened as a farm house by Joseph Denton, a Presbyterian minister and descendant of the founder of Hempstead, New York.

It was renovated in the 1860s, and later saw many different commercial uses. By the end of the 20th century, it had been a funeral home and a series of restaurants and assumed local landmark status by the people of New Hyde Park.

In 1985, McDonald's officially bought the property, but because of its landmark status, they were not allowed to do anything to the building, and instead, moved in!

Now let's explore!

The Denton House has an incredible veranda, surrounded by large panes of glass for the patron who likes their dollar menu meal with a view.

You can even sit inside the veranda when you've picked up your meal! (If you told me this was the seating area for a 35 year-old McDonald's, I wouldn't believe you at all.)

The general exterior of the Denton House features shuttered windows, brick chimneys, and eaves with gingerbread ornamentation custom designed for the building in 1926.

Heck, even the drive-thru lane is classy. (Though I'm wondering what that room was for before it turned into a drive-thru window.)

The inside of the mansion was remodeled to mimic something of a Georgia plantation style.

It's even got itself a grand staircase, taking you up to the additional dining areas on the second story.

The open space creates a completely different atmosphere when compared to a standard McDonald's, and looks stunning when dressed up for the holidays.

The Denton House's revealed roofing is a subtle nod to his farmhouse past (and probably does a really good job at airing out that stale french fry stink).

And of course, the ordering area, where everything starts looking real familiar for fast foodies.

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