Panda and Hedgehog

Pan Da Yang is a sweet and lovable as her name suggests, and she owns a small bakery called Panda Café. She hires a new pastry chef, Ko Seung Ji, whose name sounds like “hedgehog” and has a prickly personality to match. As the clashing duo churn out sweet desserts, they try to compete against a national franchise cake company that happens to be owned by Panda’s first love. Whose desserts will reign supreme? -Copyrighted from

This was a cute drama which I fell in love with the main lead, Donghae. The acting was good, even though sometimes the female lead ticks you off you get used to it. Moreover, I liked the mystery of the show, and how everything worked out in the end. Furthermore, I wish it had a better ending however. If you seen the show do you agree with me?

I love KPOP, Kdrama, Superheroes, video games, ect. Basically I'm a all-around geek, and embrace it. Hopefully I can meet fellow fans on here:)
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