Books for your Beach Day

So the summertime is in high gear, finding ourselves in the midst of July. What better time than now to take a beach day? Call in sick to work, gather your pals, get the necessities together and head on out to the beach of your choice.

Of course, you won't be spending the entirety of your time in the water, so you'll need a little something to engage yourself on the sandyside. You know what performs that task admirably? Books. hell, it's why there's such a term as beach-reads.

Here are some that will adjective adjective!

The Golden Compass - Phillip Pullman

A young girl and her daemon familiar. A mysterious device called the alethiometer. Together, they must track down their kidnapped friend and figure out the mystery that surround 'dust' and the significance of it to her world.

A young adult fiction novel, this book will have you intrigued and hanging on the edge of your seat. It's light enough that you can breeze through it under the sun, and you heart will go out to Lyra as she struggles to find her way to her friend, all the while coming closer to the secrets of the universe(s). Plus, it's the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, so when you're left wanting more, you'll have something to look forward to.

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

Three young friends, growing up otgether in a somewhat strict boarding school. This is a tale of love, and loss, and the bonds of friendship. On the surface, everything seems to be usual; the children learn their lessons, take trips, and generally engage as kids are wont to do. However, something sinister lurks behind the facade.

This book will rip your heart out of your chest. It is beautifully realized, a tragic story of the life of three children who grow up, together and yet not. Love triangles and sicence fiction, this book will take you on a wild emotional rollercoaster ride. If you want a little more gravity in your beach read, this one's for you.

The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen

A young girl, trying to move past her father's death while also making herself as eligible for college as possible. She has a smart, though distant, boyfriend and a job at the public library that she hates. Her mother is running herself ragged with her business. One day, she meets the members of a catering company, including a teenage boy who might be the person to help her really come out of her murky grief.

Sarah Dessen is a well-recognized name in the young adult literature genre. In this, one of her most popular books, she continues her knack for apt storytelling. A heartfelt, touching story about young love and heartbreak, this book will leave you smiling.

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld

A nigh-utopian futuristic society where everyone undergoes cosmetic surgery to be made beautiful on their 16th birthday. Tally is eagerly awaiting her 16th birthday, and the surgery, when she meets another young girl, Shay, who seems adamantly opposed to the concept. When her friend flees from the impending surgery, Tally is forced to track her down and deliver her back, or never become a Pretty herself.

Where many dystopian YA novels go the route of destroyed society, this one is post-post-apocalypitc, in that it is society after being rebuilt from the fall. It deals with issues of appeanace and the value we place on appearances, and with finding your own way in a world that seems to oppose that very notion. Plus, it has hoverboards. Who doesn't want a hoverboard?

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Romaticizing illness. Quirky, manic, pixie-esque dream boy. The YA author prime.

I say bring this to the beach because the best way to get rid of this book is to drown it in the salt water.

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